Virtual Onboarding of the Deskless Workforce

And Why You Should Be Doing It

  • The Inform, Welcome & Guide Framework
  • Informing Practices
  • Welcoming Practices
  • Guiding Practices


A GuavaHR White Paper


  • The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has found that 88% of organizations do not onboard well. So, what is going wrong?

  • This whitepaper will provide you with an overview of what (virtual) onboarding is, how it is increasingly becoming a virtual process and why it is important for your company and your employees. 
“Our people have been definitely more connected to the company since we started using Guava's intranet. Employees from different departments have started to share their own ideas, news and achievements; the people who used to have no time for emails are now in the loop, and employees no longer miss any of the important information.”

Annika Oruaas, HR and CSR Manager of DPD Estonia